Our Ambassador, Moozie

Moozie in Franklin, TN

Moozie is a robotic cow, strong and durable. She comes with a series of pre-programmed messages and songs that coordinate with her life-like movements. From a keypad, her operator can select the desired program. Kindness presentations are age-appropriate and can be tailored to fit Moozie's surroundings -- a preschool or a church or a hospital, for example. Programs can take 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the amount of discussion the leader wishes to include beyond the scope of Moozie's programmed message.


Moozie, with fence, requires a 7 x 7-foot stall space. She's ready to take up residence in classrooms, libraries, or lobbies. Here's how she looks at home in a Children's Kindness Center at the Loma Vista farm in Vallejo, California.

Moozie in Velajo, CA

Moozie's Children's Kindness Center is located at the Loma Vista Teaching Farm in Vallejo, California.


The first Moozie's Children's Kindness Center was opened on September 28, 2002. Over 20,000 children annually hear her message of kindness at this three-acre teaching farm.

To explore the possibilities of having a Moozie for your own Kindness Center, please contact Ted at Ted@Moozie.com.