Conductor Testimonials

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Jere Flint
Staff Conductor, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

"I conducted "Moozie's Orchestra Adventure" 12 times this season and it was always a hit with the children, parents, and teachers. The music is colorful, tuneful, and shows off all the different instruments of the orchestra in a wonderful story about Moozie the cow helping Tinny Tiny Triangle. "Moozie's Orchestra Adventure" will become a staple in our children's concerts."

Dwayne Sagen, Ph.D.
Director of Bands, Blair School of Music, Vanderbilt University

"Our Vanderbilt Community Concert Band enjoyed working on "Moozie's Kind Adventure" so much. With the narration timed with the dramatic sounds of the low brass, it was a very exciting piece. The youngsters at the concert really enjoyed the story and the musical sounds. This is a fantastic piece to program for outdoor and children's concerts. It was a hit with grandparents and children alike. The score put together very well and is very accessible for very good high school bands and is a gem to program for Community Band Concerts. It has my highest recommendation.

Carl Topilow
Music Director and Conductor National Repertory Orchestra

"These pieces are excellent additions to the orchestra repertoire. In addition, they teach valuable lessons in kindness, cooperation, and compassion."

Kelly Corcoran
Associate Conductor Nashville Symphony

"Moozie's Kind Adventure" is a wonderful story about kindness and helping others, a theme that fits into a variety of programs. The music is lovely, interesting and creative. The story is fun and it was especially exciting for the audience when Moozie made a special appearance at the concert!"

Sarah Ioannides
Music Director Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra

"Moozie's Kind Adventure" and "Moozie's Orchestra Adventure" are excellent colorful works that enliven and excite children, yet teach a message that is essential for everyone. For any symphony orchestra looking for another approach for children, these scores are brilliantly crafted and contain exuberant music that teaches not only about music, but about character, personality and kindness."

Timothy Russell
Music Director ProMusica Chamber Orchestra of Columbus, Ohio

"Moozie the Cow's Musical Adventures" are terrific! The fabulous scores by American composer Kim Scharnberg as coupled with the wonderful messages of kindness touch the heart and ennoble the spirit. Children of all ages will experience how music can transform lives in positive ways."