Hercules and the Wagoner

Hercules and the Wagoner

A Farmer was driving his wagon along a miry country road after a heavy rain. The horses could hardly drag the load through the deep mud, and at last came to a standstill when one of the wheels sank to the hub in a rut.

The farmer climbed down from his seat and stood beside the wagon looking at it but without making the least effort to get it out of the rut. All he did was to curse his bad luck and call loudly on Hercules to come to his aid. Then, it is said, Hercules really did appear, saying:

“Put your shoulder to the wheel, man, and urge on your horses. Do you think you can move the wagon by simply looking at it and whining about it? Hercules will not help unless you make some effort to help yourself.”

And when the farmer put his shoulder to the wheel and urged on the horses, the wagon moved very readily, and soon the Farmer was riding along in great content and with a good lesson learned.

Self help is the best help.

Heaven helps those who help themselves.

Moozie says “Always be kind to others and to yourself. Sometimes it is kindest to help others, but the best thing for them is to try to do a task for themselves to learn and grow from the effort. If that is the case, give them encouragement and enthusiastic support. Similarly, it is often best for you to do a chore or task yourself rather than to ask for help. That is a way to learn and become better at what you are doing.”