25 Years for Moozie

Moozie Celebrates 25th Birthday!

2024 marks the 25th anniversary observance of the creation of Moozie by Ted Dreier (affectionately known by all as “Farmer Ted”) and the incorporation of the nonprofit Children’s Kindness Network. Inspired by Moozie and Ted, the members of the CKN “team” of board members, advisors, ambassadors, donors, volunteers and youth ambassadors have been invited to submit a poem or other inspirational message to share with the world.

Moozie Musings!

Moozie’s Team – Farmer Ted

A talented Moozie team

keeps up the Moozie steam

With each doing their part

with kindness from the heart.


Moozie Wows! – Farmer Bob

Moozie is one terrific cow.

Everyone who meets her says WOW!!!!

She has many kind expressions,

Which make everlasting impressions.


For 2024 – Connie

May you be a giver and receiver of kind words thoughts and deeds.

May you find and share happiness with friends and family.

May you recognize and share gratitude for each new day.

May you remember the good times and carry them forward when challenging times. 


A Wave – Stephanie

What started out as one, a cow, some kids,

A cup of kindness offered and accepted free,

Becomes a wave as lovely people gather,

To cover all the world just like the sea. 


Spirit Shared – Trish

The fruit of Moozie’s spirit,

Kindness served to share, lift up, and cheer.

Just one small act of kindness

Repels sadness, heartache, and fear. 


Moozie Inspires a Bright Future – Vic

I am committed to Moozie’s vision to shape a world where kindness prevails,

Through lessons of kindness to self, others, animals and Earth in many tales.

Kindness can become the standard throughout the world as we nurture

Today’s children to envision and create the kindest possible bright future.