About Us

About Moozie

Meet Moozie, the kind cow, and engage with her to teach children kindness.  Promote life-long kindness and empathy.  Moozie, beloved ambassador of kindness, brings evidence-based means of instilling kindness values in young children.  Learn more about the Children’s Kindness Network and Moozie the ambassador of kindness.  

Our Mission:

To instill the values of kindness among young children through Moozie the Cow in various learning environments, and spread joy to children through Moozie

Our Vision:

To shape a world where kindness prevails

Our Core Values

Compassion, Integrity, Collaboration, and Empowerment


We contribute our time, our humanity, and our resources to serve others.


We adhere to moral and ethical principles in all endeavors and pursuits.


We successfully engage with relevant stakeholders to uphold our mission and vision.


We nurture and encourage the inherent self-worth of all individuals.

Meet the Moozie Team

Board of Directors

Ted Dreier

CKN Founder

Victor (“Vic”) Legerton

CKN President and CEO

Patricia (“Trish”) Cronin

CKN Executive Director and Secretary

Raul Alegria

CKN Treasurer

Stephanie Barca

CKN Vice President

Connie Casha

CKN Director

Gitanjali (“Anjali”) Rao

CKN Director

Robert (“Bob”) Rudman

CKN Director

Youth Ambassadors

Aditi Dewangan

Anirudh Rao

Anya Satija

Rohan Satija

Myra Saxena

William Wang


Consider being a Volunteer! If you would like to share your time spreading kindness and joy to young children through Moozie programs with families, schools, or other organizations, we’d love to have you join Moozie’s team! We’ll work with your schedule for one-time experience or multiple events. Contact us for an intro conversation:

“Our team repeatedly heard glowing comments about the [Moozie kindness] program from both parents and youngsters.” Kids absolutely LOVE the hand puppet… and parents LOVE the message to “always be kind.” Everything about the program is perfect!!!!

– Theresa Nason,

Founder and Executive Director, We Serve Too!

Thank you so much for… the Moozie class. We had a ball and it was so sweet! The kids loved it! We look forward to participating in more kindness classes. So glad we found this group – I think it’s a wonderful concept and something the kids can really benefit from!

Hillary Leedy

Parent of children ages 6 and 7 attending Moozie Kindness after school program, Williamson County, TN

Each classroom receive[s] a [Moozie] bag to incorporate into the Character Counts and CSEFEL curriculum and lesson planning to promote the social-emotional development and school readiness of young children birth to age 5. These bags are perfect for our children. They are developmentally appropriate and fun. Our elementary school also received bags for their classrooms. Thank you to the Children’s Kindness Network (CKN)!

Trude Moellmann

Parent & Outreach Director & School Liaison Officer, Child & Youth Services, USAG Ansbach, Germany

“Moozie’s Kind Adventure is an excellent counterpart to the study of communities or to provide a simple lesson in kindness.”

School Library Journal (Kr-GR2)

“Moozie’s 101 Activities for Social/Emotional Development Teacher’s Guide for ages 3-5” was professionally designed and field-tested to guarantee that the activities are Easy to Teach and Fun to Learn. The collection of activities was created for teaching child-initiated learning in seven major content areas: social skills and emotional development, communication, language, literacy, health, and arts. This collection is filled with engaging and fun hands-on activities, music, art, and creative take-home items. Take-home items were designed to enlist the support of parents for their “at home” reinforcement of the goals and objectives of these important social skills and emotional development for school readiness,

Charla Shipley

25+ years as a Head Start director, National Head Start Association secretary and editor, and author of the first Parent Involvement Manual for the state of Kentucky preschool program

Where niceness meets empathy, kindness is a seriously challenging lesson for parents to pass on to their kids. Luckily, it is possible to train kindness into kids. For a recent study, researchers from the Center for BrainHealth had 38 mothers lead their kids aged 3 to 5 through the online kindness training program ‘Kind Minds with Moozie.’ The kids completed five short modules, in which a digital cow named Moozie described creative exercises that parents can do with their kids to teach kindness…. The researchers found that the preschoolers were both more kind and empathetic after the [‘Kind Minds with Moozie’] kindness training.”

Excerpted from “Three Simple Rules to Raise Kind Kids,” by Christian Dashiell, Fatherly.com, Sept 23, 2022.

“Moozie’s Kind Adventure and Moozie’s Orchestra Adventure are excellent colorful works that enliven and excite children yet teach a message that is essential for everyone. For any symphony orchestra looking for another approach for children, these scores are brilliantly crafted and contain exuberant music that teaches not only about music, but about character, personality and kindness.”

Sarah Ioannides,

Music Director, National Repertory Orchestra