Stories, Creative Arts, and Activities

Moozie’s Collection

Moozie’s collection features original stories, art pieces, and activities from professionals and children alike, introducing children to a range of creative arts and puzzles that they love! Children grow through expressing themselves and making playful connections to their interests, creativity, and problem solving. Children can enjoy these different media related to Moozie while developing and reinforcing positive social and emotional values.

Stories & Illustrations

Mia and Moozie

Moozie and the Circus

Moozie’s Magic of Kindness

Moozie and Rainbow in Nevergreen City

Mable’s Fables

Creative Arts

Moozie’s Theme Song

Moozie and the Big Ugly Bug

Activities – Crossword Puzzles

Moozie’s Kind Adventure Crosswords 1 – 2

Moozie’s Orchestra Adventure Crosswords 1 – 3

Moozie’s Magic Crosswords 1 – 2

Activities – Word Search Puzzles

Moozie’s Kind Adventure Word Search 1 – 2

Moozie’s Orchestra Adventure Word Search 1 – 3

Moozie’s Magic Word Search 1 – 2

Other Activities

Moozie Word Scramble

Moozie Word Search

Moozie’s Orchestra Adventure coloring book


Moozie coloring pages

Picture frame


Sentence strip


Postcards Kindness to Animals

Postcards Kindness to Others


Kindness chart