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Moozie’s curriculum

Backed by research and designed in collaboration with early childhood education experts, Moozie’s curriculum suite supports children’s learning at home, school, homeschool, and camp. Printable activities and messages continue off-line reinforcement of kindness values. Moozie guides learning with rich resources offered here and updated on ongoing bases: lessons and activity guides, music and video resources, and visual arts/posters. Relevant journal articles with insightful, current research on early childhood social emotional learning are also available to give parents/caretakers/teaching professionals quick reference and supportive rationale.

Teaching Resources

Letter to parents/caregivers, teachers or librarians

Curriculum and activity guides

Moozie BrainHealth Mini-Lessons

Moozie’s One-Minute Kindness Possibilities

Moozie Kind Adventure Readers Guide

Moozie Kindness Activities Starter Pack 3-5 years old

Kindness (Girl Scouts – Brownie)

Kindness Outreach (Girl Scouts – Cadette)

Music and Audio

Moozie Kindness Podcast series

Moozie’s Orchestra Adventure, narrated by Larry Gatlin

Features 16 celebrity voices and Arizona Sate University Orchestra.

Moozie the Cow Theme Song

Spread Kindness through Moozie the Cow Theme Song

Moozie’s Kind Adventure narration


Moozie’s Orchestra Adventure narration


Be Kind to Others Poster

Be Kind to Animals Poster


Be Kind to Earth Poster

Be Kind to Yourself Poster


Moozie Says Wear a Mask poster


Moozie Washes Hands poster


Moozie poster


Event poster template


Eating & exercise poster


Journal Articles

“The Power of Kindness in Improving Brain Health”

published in Neuroscience News, 11 April 2022

“How Kindness Can Improve the Whole Family’s Brain Health”

published in Neuroscience News, 13 April 2022

“Parenting With a Kind Mind:

Exploring Kindness as a Potentiator for Enhanced Brain Health” published in Frontiers in Psychology, 24 March 2022


“3 Simple Rules To Raise Kind Kids: It’s all about the small things.”

published in Fatherly, 10 May 2022

“No Bull(ies): Cow Brings Children Moo-zical Message of Kindness”

published by WOSU Classical 101, 28 March 2011



Interview with Stephanie Barca (2023)

Moozie the Cow Presentation

Spread Kindness with Moozie the Cow– Theme Song

Moozie Visits East Presbyterian Church, Brentwood

Moozie the Cow Visits Milky Way Dairy

Moozie the Cow at Loma Vista Farm

Moozie the Cow Feedback

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