It’s Easy To Be Kind

It’s Easy To Be Kind – Introduction

A new partnership of Children’s Kindness Network was created in 2024 with Lil’ Iguana’s Children’s Safety Foundation based in Nashua, New Hampshire and serving the world with a focus on children ages 2 through 8 in all aspects of safety. Their website is Lil’ Iguana Children’s Safety Foundation.

They have a vast collection of digital and physical resources available for purchase, and we request you to make reference to Children’s Kindness Network as the Lil’ Iguana affiliate when you make any purchase so that we may share in, and grow, the partnership as well as our support of children and families. Thank you for your kind consideration. 

It’s Easy To Be Kind – 2024 Campaign 

A special campaign for 2024 is the “It’s Easy To Be Kind” music challenge and global celebration of kindness. The campaign is already live online at but will more officially launch on Sunday, August 11, 2024 at the minor league baseball game between AAA Indianapolis Indians versus Nashville Sounds at First Horizon Park in Nashville, TN and a game between AA ??? versus Manchester Fisher Cats at Delta Dental Stadium in Manchester, NH. Purchase of tickets for the Nashville Sounds game are available through Children’s Kindness Network at ??? and for the Manchester Fisher Cats game through Lil’ Iguana Children’s Safety Foundation.

Details for submission of music, videos and photos is available on the website and entries will be shared on various website and social media platforms. The campaign will conclude on Worldwide Kindness Day on Wednesday, November 13, 2024 when many of the entries will be acknowledged for their creativity, talent, and as a global celebration of the special day.

It’s Easy To Be Kind – CKN wristbands and baseball game tickets


Moozie’s invitation for the future

Promote music video creation & submissions

Initiative to create more kindness-oriented music and videos, preferably with Moozie – perhaps some focused on each Moozie area of kindness, music to accompany stories and fables, etc.

Piano score for lyrics – invitation to create score(s) for guitar, accordion, harmonica, organ, all band instruments, all orchestra instruments, etc. and submit sheet music for the world

Submit your story, video, or photo – share ways you are kind